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Only $20.00 Per Night / + Tax

Menominee Casino Resort offers a convenient on-site RV park with 20, 30 or 50 amp hookups. Registered guests will have unlimited access to amenities such as our gorgeous 121,000 gallon swimming pool, our 800 gallon spa and our Steam and Fitness rooms. Picnic tables, Free WI-FI and garbage disposal is also included. For optimal security, cameras oversee the RV park 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, casino vouchers are issued and shuttle service to and from the casino is available upon request. No matter how big your rig, we have room for it. Stay and play at the Menominee Casino Resort, where there’s “Something for Everyone.”

1-800-343-7778, ext. 7100

No dump station or water hook-ups available on-site. Based on double occupancy – Up to two children allowed free of charge (with two swim bracelets included). All guests must register at the hotel front desk (open 24/7). Each registered adult guest (maximum of two per site) will receive $5 Free2Play per day. Each additional person is $5.00, and they do not receive Free2Play. Rates and package subject to change. Must be a Players Club member, membership is FREE. Menominee Casino Resort reserves all rights to alter or cancel any promotion at any time without notice.


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